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FMSI: D-976



When you’re ripping up the streets in your sporty ride, speedy brakes are essential for sudden stopping. Equip your high-powered auto for world-performance braking with Mitti Corp's brake pads. This simple addition to your brake calipers brings immediate pedal response anytime you have to screech to a halt. As soon as your foot touches the pedal, your Brake Pads immediately respond – biting hard to deliver serious grip.

Contrary to the screeching that often accompanies sudden stops, these Brake Pads ensure a stealthily silent halt. The combination of a center-slot muffle, beveled edges and factory-fitted shims contribute to quiet braking every time. In addition, these performance pads produce little dust, averaging 30-percent less than factory-installed pads.

If you’re in the market for stellar-performing braking, these Brake Pads are for you. You can gear up your vehicle immediately with these Pads, which sport a unique break-in surface coating that makes them work well right out of the box. Rest assured with your investment in these Brake Pads, thanks to Mitt Corp's 12-month/5,000-mile warranty

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