Sponsorship Application

Before you get started, we want to explain why this sponsorship program was developed and why it is important to TacomaBeast. “Sponsorship” is an agreement between two parties where one party provides product and/or money in exchange for exposure & promotion of said product by the other party.

The process of providing products for vehicles, in addition to the cost of the products, comes with a significant cost to our company. As a result, we take this process very seriously and have developed this “TCMBST Sponsorship Application” form to help determine to the best of our ability, the value of providing products for your vehicle.

There are three primary criteria that will be used for consideration of sponsorship.

  1. SEMA exposure
  2. Media exposure, mainly social but also print and TV
  3. Automotive events with significant spectator attendance


The following information will be required to be considered for sponsorship.

  1. Rendering or photo of the vehicle (several images)
  2. SEMA location (feature vehicle or part of manufacture’s booth) The latter is much more valuable
  3. Your social media reach or plan (must provide all social channels, handles and number of followers)
  4. List of events and/or activities the vehicle will attend
  5. Past sponsors you have had

Please fill out the form below and submit your sponsorship application for review.