RGB Output Splitters
RGB Output Splitters

RGB Output Splitters

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VERSATILE: Building a custom set of headlights, and worried about moisture problems? These bolt-on breathers are the perfect solution to let moisture exhale from your housings, without letting moisture in.

SIMPLE TO USE: Drill a 12mm hole in your housings, insert the front-side of the breather in, tighten on the lock nut - and you're ready to roll!

BETTER: Than the traditional moisture membranes, because of they bolt-on rather than just stick on. Therefore, they won't ever fall off - and leave you with a big hole in the back of your housing.

PROS: These are the new standard in the most professional way to keep your headlights dry. For the price, peace of mind is priceless!

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  • WARRANTY: 2 Years


  • RGB LENGTH: 6 inches

  • JST LENGTH: 3 inches

  • PINOUT: GRGB (4 wire)