2005+ Toyota Tacoma Rear Skid Plates

2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma Rear Skid Plate

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PLEASE NOTE: All C4 items come in bare steel. The supplier recommends customers to powder coat them in a trusted shop.

Toyota Tacoma Rear Skid Plates protects transmission, transfer case and exhaust (including catalytic converters). 100% Bolt-On design. Available without the exhaust clearance drop for Tacomas with exhaust reroute (flat fill plate will be welded in place)

✔ Transmission and transfer case skid plates only
✔ All mounting hardware
✔ Includes a unique bolt-in crossmember for maximum strength and protection for the transfer case

✔ 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma
✔ Works with C4 front skid plates

Please Note: 
➜ DOES NOT include front skid plate
 Does not work without C4 front skid plate

➜ Available in steel only
➜ SHIPS BARE STEEL, C4 does not offer powder coating services. Skids will need to be painted or powder coated before installation to prevent rust.

Weight : 94lb
Material : Made from 3/16" CNC cut steel

Warranty: C4 FAB LLC will warranty all products produced and distributed by C4 FAB LLC for ONE YEAR after the shipping date of the product.
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