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TCMBST's Interior Detailer is your one-step solution for a cleaned, dressed, and a fully revitalized factory-looking interior. This classic all-in-one interior cleaner includes Microban® antimicrobial product protection.

Fully built into TCMBST's Interior Detailer, powerful Microban® technology actively inhibits the growth of bacteria on surfaces and continues to work around-the-clock long after application to keep your interior surfaces protected against bacteria that can cause stains, odors, and surface deterioration.

  • Size: 16oz
  • Scent: Eucalyptus Mint
  • All-In-One Formula: Cleans, Shines, and Protects with built-in antimicrobial technology from Microban®.
  • Microban® antimicrobial technology provides continuous antimicrobial product protection, even long after the product has been applied - giving you around the clock results!
  • Use on frequently touched surface areas and electronics such as: steering wheels, door panels/handles, shifters, touch screens, radios/stereos, cup holders, consoles, dashboards, etc.
  • Effective at removing sticky residues, light dust, fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and other unwanted contaminants.
  • Helps to prevent the growth of bacteria on surfaces.
  • Anti-static additives continually work to minimize further dust buildup.
  • Contains odor neutralizers and UV blocking agents to keep your interior fresh.
  • Produced in partnership with Adam's Polishes.

Customer Reviews

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Good Stuff

Thank you

Austin Smith
Amazing product

Best product out there

CLE Taco
Interior Detailer

I don’t have much experience with detailing products, but I think this turned out great! Didn’t leave behind that horrible armor all feel afterwards. Very tame scent. Modest shine, which I prefer. Would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable product.

Jena Swanson
Interior Detailer

Just got mine and it works great! They also packaged it up with some Halloween candy and that was so nice of them! Big shoutout to Roy for putting it together so well!

Smells great. Cleans well

Great stuff


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