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The puddle pods are a simple and convenient addition to the exterior of your Tacoma. They were custom-designed to fit the 3rd Gen mirrors with OEM fit and finish. Each side houses a high output LED pod that will illuminate the ground when you unlock the truck or walk up to it if you have the smart key model.

The kit comes with everything needed to install, including OEM plug and plays T harness, extension wires, and snap-in LED pods.

Customer Reviews

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Nick Tenuta
Meso Customs Puddle Lights + Switch Kit

The things are awesome! Super easy and not terribly hard to install (as long as you dont drop a bolt in your door). The most difficult part in my opinion is getting the wire through the rubber grommet into the cap. After that, its smooth sailing. Definitely recommend getting the switch kit to be able to toggle them between auto/off/on.

Hoffman Cruz
Pudd-lightful at it's finest😏

Installation did took quite sometime to finish but with experiences removing the door and running the wires with brand new speakers i already knew what i had to do. Other than the timing installation, it is very simple to install and the puddle pods made a dramatic difference with the vehicle appearance at night and already have had many compliments of how beautiful and bright the puddle pods light came out. Highly recommend it.

Max Tinsley
Puddle Lights

If you use your Tacoma at night for whatever reason, puddle lights are your friend as they light up the area around your doors making it easy to see around your truck for wild things, four legged and two legged. Install is easy if you watch a few videos and take your time, Highly recommended and I got my set at Tacomabeast!

Peter Ferro
driver side broke (update 2.0)

I fixed it. sorry I freaked out and over reacted!
everything is great!

Fernando Williams

The puddle pods are amazing, on a scale of 1-10 on doing the installation your self I would have to give it a 8 but when complete there bright, they stand out and most of all they do there job, especially at night with no light around.


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