Ridge Ready Monkey Bars
Ridge Ready Monkey Bars
Ridge Ready Monkey Bars
Ridge Ready Monkey Bars
Ridge Ready Monkey Bars

Ridge Ready Monkey Bars

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Tacoma owners - it's your time to shine.

We have taken our classic Monkey Bars and made them compatible with any car that has ridges on the roof, so no one has to feel left out.

Our Ridge Ready Monkey Bars are designed with four 3.25" oval cups in the front and two in the rear, which sit neatly inside the ridges on your roof for the perfect fit.

The Monkey Bars feature round black powder-coated aluminum cross bars.

Choose between:
➜ Standard 48" cross bars
➜ Extended 60" cross bars
Either version allows you to easily attach accessories for activities such as kayaking, skiing, surfing and paddle boarding, biking, or hauling cargo.

➜ Set of front Monkey Bar decks made from HDPE with (4) powerful 3.25" oval vacuum mounts hold it solidly on your car’s roof.
➜ Set of rear mounts with (2) powerful 3.25" oval SeaSucker mounts.
➜ (2) 48" screw-together, power-coated aluminum cross-bars.
➜ 60" crossbar model also includes (2) 12" extension bars.
➜ Spare vacuum pump
➜ 5g Lube Tube for vacuum pump maintenance.
Vacuum mounts can be moved to any position on the bar to ensure a perfect fit for any vehicle.

Please Note: Some assembly required.

Made for roof top attachment.

Attaches to metal, glass or fiberglass surfaces.

Black powder coated aluminum screw-together bars.

3/4” thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) base for strength and durability.

Choose between the standard 48" cross bars and the new extended 60" cross bars. The 60" cross bars are comprised of the standard 48" bars plus the Monkey Bars Extension Kit.

Bar diameter: 1.325"/33mm

Approx. 13 LBS