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The Northshore grip is the beefiest grip of the bunch. Featuring textured heavy blocking pattern for a chunky, aggressive look and feel.

Grip diameter - 33 mm                

Grip weight - 125 g

Adapter threads- M8x1.25

Building your kit is easy…

  • Pick your grip
  • Pick your rings
  • Wait at your door for your kit to arrive!

Brings you more options to match the style of you and your car than any other shifter on the planet.

Included in the kit:

  • One Lizard Skins grip of your choice
  • One pair of custom lock rings in the color of your choice
  • One aluminum shifter adapter to fit your vehicle
  • One black bar end plug for the top of the shifter
  • 2.5mm installation hex wrench
  • A sticker (of course!)

Teaming up with the best grip manufacturer on board to offer more colors, more grip options and the comfiest fit on the market. Each grip is custom assembled just for you and your car. Features of the Lizard Skins lock-on grips:

  • Silicon does not warp or get soft in the summer or freeze in the winter
  • Silicon grip is designed to fit your hand
  • Stays soft and grippy no matter the sweat, blood, or tears
  • Hundreds of color combinations
  • Easily changed out for a different look/color combo

Each grip is identical in inside dimensions. What this means is that any of our grips will fit any of our shifter adapters. What are you waiting for? Pick your flavor!

The aluminum adapter is the perfect match for a Lizard Skins grip. Each aluminum adapter is CNC lathed for a perfect fit, every time. Adapters do vary in internal dimensions but are all the same on the outside to fit your grip. Features of our aluminum adapter:

  • Designed for each specific application- no generic designs
  • CNC machined
  • Full metal construction- no plastic or composite inserts- a perfect fit, every time
  • Aluminum shifter kit weight (shifter adapter and grip)~ 170 g/6 oz
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