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Full replacement lower fill plate for the Tacoma Headlights. Color-matched with automotive grade paint and clear coat.

From the factory, Toyota designed a void in the lower section of the headlight that has zero purposes. They covered this up with a nonfunctional "finned" style plate that is hard to clean(basically a bug catcher) and does not match anything else around it.

So it was time to color-matched, "smooth" trim piece replacement. It's a very basic idea, but changes the look of the front and accentuates the headlight lines...making it look more aggressive. Plus, it is a lot easier to clean being smooth. The OEM trim plate was 3D scanned and modified for a 100% direct swap and OEM fitment. Then, they are Injection molded out of durable ABS that will last the life of the truck.

Installation is very simple, 2 Phillips screws on each light and they can be swapped over. You will have to remove the headlights for installation.

NOTE: Price is for the pair.

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