GlueTread Expedition Kit
GlueTread Expedition Kit
GlueTread Expedition Kit
GlueTread Expedition Kit

GlueTread Expedition Kit

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The GlueTread Expedition Kit is designed for repairing any kind of tire damage you may get on the trail. Rather you need to repair a sidewall, replace a valve stem, or plug a puncture, you'll be covered!

The package contains a full GlueTread kit, 2 Colby Valve stems, a plug kit with insertion T-handles and instructions. The T-Handles are manufactured locally in our shop out of CNC machined aluminum.

The GlueTread Expedition Kit includes our improved rubber formula and doesn't include the accelerator. Here's why:

We've improved our rubber formula, which allows the adhesive to cure more quickly without the accelerator. Additionally, when the accelerator is stored near the adhesive, it cures the adhesive more quickly. By removing the accelerator, we improve the shelf life of your adhesive. 

We received a lot of feedback that patches applied without the accelerator adhere better and last longer on a compromised sidewall. The cure time without the accelerator and the improved rubber formula is about ten minutes.

Repairing sidewall damage
Repairing a sliced tire
Repairing a punctured tire
Replace a damaged valve stem
Repair a puncture in the tread area
Adding extra protection to areas of a tire that are worn
Covering cord
Covering a bulging tube
Covering an internal patch
Covering and repairing a cracked tire to keep out debris
Preventing a higher risk area from leaking in the future

✔ (2) 4" x 4.5" Patch
✔ (2) 3' x 1.5' Patch
✔ (5) Bottles GlueTread Adhesive
✔ (10) Applicator tips
✔ (1) T-Handle with Probe
✔ (1) T-Handle with Needle
✔ (12) Plugs
✔ (4) Valve Caps, 
✔ (4) Valve Cores
✔ (1) 4-way tool
✔ (20) Pieces of sandpaper
✔ (1) Hex Key
✔ (1) Cordura Bag

Please Note: For off-road use ONLY.

Pressure Strength: 40 PSI
Bond Strength: 5,000 PSI
Patch Durometer: 75
Initial Cure Time: 30 Seconds
Full Cure Time: 10 Minutes