Flat Pack
Flat Pack
Flat Pack
Flat Pack
Flat Pack
Flat Pack
Flat Pack
Flat Pack

Flat Pack

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This heavy-duty rigid canvas box works double duty as a Wolf Pack insert OR as a stand-alone storage box. Featuring adjustable vinyl-lined compartments, this smartly designed box is a storage taskmaster. Perfect for food, clothes, camera gear, toiletries, tools, kitchen utensils, etc. FOLDS COMPLETELY FLAT when empty.​

  • Line your Wolf Pack with 1 or 2 compartments. The center divider is adjustable depending on your storage needs.
  • Or, use this box as a stand alone storage solution.
  • This box is manufactured with rigid plastic walls, a canvas exterior and vinyl lined interior.
  • Sturdy carrying handles on top and sides.
  • Convenient plastic sleeve for labels.
  • Heavy duty zipper.
  • This space saving storage container is actually a space saving storage container.
  • When not in use, the box cleverly folds completly flat!

Materials Used 
Exterior: 600D Polyester
Interior: Vinyl

Product Dimensions 
700mm (27.6") L x 300mm (11.8") W x 20mm (0.8") H

450mm (17.7") L x 320mm (12.6") W x 210mm (8.3") H

410mm (16.1") L x 310mm (12.2") W x 200mm (7.9") H

Interior divider is able to adjust 150mm (5.9")

0.23kg / 8.1oz