Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair
Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair
Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair
Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair
Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair
Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair
Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair
Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair
Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair

Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair

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Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair

Our new RGB Light pods put out a ton of light in multiple color options!

Extreme LED is proud to announce the newest series in our LED Light Pod Series: the 3" RGB LED Light Pods.

These pods are great for anything from off-roading late at night with your trail buddies to working on the job site.

With the option of all white to nearly every color you can imagine, these light pods perfectly mix work and play.

The end of the female pigtail has 3 wires: red is power, black is ground, and yellow is RGB. To connect the wires to our existing dual color wiring harnesses, you will need to cut off the plug on the harness and hardwire it into the pigtail.

One remote will control both pods. To control the pod color separately, only one of the pods should be turned on. The remote will then only change the powered on pod.

(2) RGB Light Pods
(2) Wireless Remotes
(2) Female Wiring Pigtails
Mounting Brackets & Hardware

Sold in pair



➤ You can add a Dual color wiring harnesses to control 1 Light
The perfect harness for your light setup.
This universal wiring harness and switch makes wiring up your new lights a snap. Comes with everything you need. Just hook up the red wire lead to the battery and the black to a ground, then plug in the light and click the switch and you're lighting up the night!
✔ Has one conector to control one light.
✔ Uses 3 pin waterproof plugs.
✔ Comes with inline fuse, relays, and switches.
✔ Brass grommets on the positive and negative terminals make connecting to the battery or accessory post a snap.

Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair Features

✔ Versatile RGB LEDs
✔ Driving Beam Pattern
✔ 700 lumens per pod (1,400 lumens total)
✔ 15w CREE LEDs

Extreme Series 3" Led RGB Light Pod Pair Specs

Width (In): 3
Lumens: 1400
Power Of Each LED (Watts): 15
Total Power Input (Watts): 30
Input Voltage Range: 9 - 32 volts
Waterproof: IP67 Rated - 3 feet for 30 Minutes
Life Expectancy Hours: 50,000
Operating Temperature: -40°F to +140°F
Color Temperature: 6000k
Plug: DT (Deutsch Connector)

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
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If for any reason you need to disassemble the bar, contact us first to confirm it will not damage anything. Simply contact us and we will arrange to either fix or replace the light, if available, or we will credit you toward your next purchase if the lights are no longer carried.

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✔ Must include all parts and hardware received with your original shipment
✔ Must be unused and have no signs of usage
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