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Daisy Chain Harness

For Toyota "Push Style" Switches (Large & Small)

Having a hard time getting those aftermarket switches to light up like your factory switches? Are you fed up with splicing into your factory wiring to get those switches working? We have a solution!

Building a switch panel? 

If you are building a switch panel or need to illuminate more than one switch, order our daisy chain harness to expand the illumination to an additional switch. You can add or subtract daisy chains at any point in your truck build. We safely illuminated 7 switches using a base harness + 6 daisy chains, which is the recommended limit for this system.

How does it work?

Simply plug the harness into the intended connector, attach the green connector to your new switch, and finish the install by wiring the remaining 2 wires following the switch manufacturer’s wiring diagram (out to the accessory relay & to a 12V source). For complete installation instructions, please see our video!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jason Duron
quick af delivery

Tacoma Beast has their $hit together, my new ‘go to’ taco store

Leonardo Nevarez
Perfect fit that’s what I want

That’s exactly what I need saves time. these daisy chain harness are good product

Great harness

Added a light bar and ditch lights. The harness made it an easy install. Nice and clean. The switches I ordered are blue but I little brighter than factory but no worries. I like that I didn’t have to splice anything so I can always change it back to stock if there ever comes a need.

Paul Shaw
Daisy chain harness

Easy install works great.

Alejandro Lopez
Daisy chain harness

Great modification for the 3rd generation Tacoma I have not installed it yet but it’s easy like the video I saw recently thanks


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