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This BULBZILLA allows you to transplant an H9 bulb into any light that uses an H11 bulb.

Simply put, there is NO other modification that gives you so much bang for the buck! You can use Bulbzilla as a stand-alone product, but using it along with a Brite Box system provides even better results! BULBZILLA comes with installation instructions.

H11 bulbs are found in 2012-2015 Toyota Tacoma Fog Lights and 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma halogen low beam and fog lights. On the 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma, use TWO Bulbzilla kits for maximum light output! H9 bulbs are commonly used in high beam headlights. Transplanting a H9 bulb for a H11 bulb (Bulbzilla 11.9 kit) gives you a 60% increase in output!

Lumen Difference

  • H11 output: 1250 lumens
  • H9 output:  2000 lumens

Additional Information: Connector Type

  • High Temperature Ceramic Connectors with Moisture Seals (Included) - Maximum Temperature = 572º F / 300º C 

Customer Reviews

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Peter Gattuso
Not impressed

These lights were not as bright as they claim. The price isn’t horrible, so I guess it wasn’t a complete waste of money.


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