6 Wolf Pack Pro Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes
6 Wolf Pack Pro Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes
6 Wolf Pack Pro Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes
6 Wolf Pack Pro Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes
6 Wolf Pack Pro Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes
6 Wolf Pack Pro Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes
6 Wolf Pack Pro Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes
Flat Pack Add-on
Storage Box Foam Dividers - Add-on
Rivnut Tool / M6/M8

6 Wolf Pack Pro Drawer / Wide Incl. Boxes

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Neatly organize and easily access all your gear with this innovative drawer-slide system.

This Wolf Pack based lockable drawer system provides a comprehensive and practical vehicle based storage solution. This kit was specifically designed for the Wolf Pack Pro (the ultimate plastic storage box) and includes six Wolf Pack Pro load bins so you can store and transport all your gear.

Front Runner Wolf Packs, the heart of this modular storage system, are perfectly sized for kitchen supplies, dried goods, tools, camera gear, toiletries, even clothes. Insert Flat Pack in the Wolf Pack Pro or Storage Box Foam Dividers to further protect camera gear, kitchenware and other fragile items.

You may customize your own storage configurations. Stack and secure luggage, Wolf Pack, Cub Pack, aluminum boxes and other storage containers to the top deck using Stratchits or other straps.

Since this drawer will only fit into appropriately sized vehicles, please see SPECS for exact product measurements.

    ✔ 1 x Drawer unit with 1 Opening Drawer
    ✔ 1 x Push to close latch with 2 keys
    ✔ 3 x Accessory Channels
    ✔ 6 x Tie Down Rings
    ✔ 6 x Low Lid Wolf Pack Pros
    ✔ Installation Hardware
    ✔ Fitting Instruction

    Please Note:
    ➜ These "universal” drawers do not come with a vehicle specific deck completion set or faceplates.
    ➜ Installation of this product requires a Rivnut tool. We suggest using the Rivnut tool / M6/M8.
    ➜ Front Runner Flat Packs and Storage Box Foam Dividers are sold separately.

    Installation Guide Here

    These clip-to-close, stackable and durable Wolf Pack Pro storage containers are made from black, high strength plastic and have integrated grips for easy carrying.
    Hold open feature: drawer “locks” open while parked on uneven surfaces.
    High-strength bearing slides allows the drawer to extend nearly 100% from the anchored base.
    The push-to-latch mechanism is lockable when closed.
    Provide peace of mind and security by locking away important support gear.
    The flat deck incorporates three cargo attachment channels and 6 black tie down rings / eye nuts.
    The deck above the drawers can also be used to mount Front Runner Cargo / Fridge Slides.
    The deck is covered with a durable, UV resistant nylon pile carpet.
    The nylon carpet surface creates resiliency for securing cargo while insulating against noise and vibration.
    Finished with the same durable black powder coating as Front Runner Roof Racks and other Front Runner products.
    This Front Runner Removable Box Drawer can be easily installed in minutes by attaching the supplied C-hooks and turnbuckles to the vehicle’s existing mounting points. Removing the drawers is just as easy.
    This storage system is designed for interior use or in a Pick-Up load bed with a canopy, camper shell, or other style bed / load bed cover.

    Materials Used:
    Aluminum - Accessory Channels & Sub Frame
    Black powder coated steel - Frame
    Carpet & Laminated plywood - Top Deck
    Product Dimensions
    Overall Dimensions:
    1252mm (49.3") L x 1083mm (42.6") W x 310mm (12.2") H
    Drawer Inner Dimensions:
    1197mm (47.1") L x 1031mm (40.6") W x 230mm (9.1") H
    Drawer Unit Open Dimensions:
    2163mm (85.2") L x 1083mm (42.6") W x 310mm (12.2") H
    Weight: 67Kg (147.7lbs)
    Load Rating: 113Kg (250lbs)
    Special Notes:
    Items can be secured to the top deck using the 6 supplied tie rings and fitting them accordingly to the 3 accessory channels on the top deck.
    Drawer has a hold open feature.