2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma AnyTime Locker
2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma AnyTime Locker
2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma AnyTime Locker
2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma AnyTime Locker

2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma AnyTime Locker

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Ready to use your factory TRD Off-Road locker to its maximum potential? The wait is over!

We have developed the “AnyTime Locker” to give you the ability to lock your trucks factory rear differential locker in any drive type. It works in 2WD, 4WD High, and 4WD Low, AnyTime!

This kit uses the factory differential lock button in your upper console. No lights on your dashboard yelling at you to service the vehicle and all other Off-Road features continue to function as intended.

How to Use
➜ First, come to a complete stop.
➜ Then select the drive you want to be in (2wd/4wd/H/L).
➜ Atier you have selected the drive type press and hold your factory differential Lock button for about 2.5 seconds (located on your upper console).
➜ Once activated you may hear a click, this will initiate the locking differential, and your traction control will turn off.
Please Note: for the differential to engage you must move forward or backwards while turning, the differential needs one wheel to turn faster than the other to lock.
➜ Once the locking differential is engaged (if you have installed the provided indicator light using the supplied power/ground wires) the indicator light will turn on.
➜ Come to a complete stop!
➜ Press and hold the differential lock button for 2.5 seconds once you should hear a click, at this point the differential will start to disengage, and traction control will turn back on.
Please Note: Indicator will stay lit until the differential is fully disengaged. Make sure to pull forward/backwards while turning to disengage the differential if need be.

Installation Guide Here

Plug and Play Installation in Under 30 minutes
Lock your Factory E-Locker at anytime
Maintains all factory Off-Road Functions
Comes with Indicator LED
Uses Factory diff Lock Button
No check engine lights or warnings
Turns off your Traction Control Automatically 
Will work with some aftermarket E-Lockers
Give you an overall better Off-Road driving experience

Lifetime warranty

The AnyTime Locker comes with ano hassle lifettme warranty on allits parts against manufacture defects. ExperiMental Designs will replacethe AnyTime Locker at our discretion and will cover all costs associated with the warranty Claim.

ExperiMental Designs is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Make sure to return both the Module and Harness back to ExperiMental Designs to insure a timely response. ExperiMental Designs will take 2-3 business days to review the tems once received. If The product is in stock, we will ship at Standard shipping time 3-4 business days will be used unless otherwise informed.

Off-Road use only. Any use of this device on paved Road could cause damage to the rear Differential and or Transfer case. ExperiMental Designs is not responsible for any damages that may occur. Use with caution in mind.
Only engage the AnyTime Locker while the vehicle is stationary or operating at speeds of 3mph or less with minimal wheel slippage. 
Engaging the AnyTime Locker while the wheel is spinning at a high rate or the vehicle is moving at more than 3 mph may damage the differential’s engagement pins or lock collar will be considered improper or abnormal use voiding the warranty.
Differential engagement should be deactivated after the difficult terrain is overcome. It is not recommended to deactivate the AnyTime Locker while the drivetrain has load or bind on it, such as under cornering. When the drivetrain is loaded, the differential may not immediately disengage, resulting in a locked differential when it is not desired.
Differential engagement should not be maintained at high speeds (greater than 20 mph).  A locked differential at higher speeds can cause undesirable vehicle behavior or loss of vehicle control.  The AnyTime Locker may be deactivated via the switch while the vehicle is in motion!
Differential engagement should be used on low traction surfaces, such as those encountered in off-road use.Continuous operation of a locked differential on high traction surfaces produces unnecessary strain on drivetrain and chassis components while cornering in the vehicle. Caution should be taken when operating locked differentials on slippery terrain, such as icy surfaces. High speeds on slippery surfaces with a differential locked can result in undesirable vehicle behavior or loss of vehicle control. Always operate vehicle with care and reduced speed.