2016-2023 ARB Safari Air Snorkel System (3.5L Tacoma)
2016-2023 ARB Safari Air Snorkel System (3.5L Tacoma)
2016-2023 ARB Safari Air Snorkel System (3.5L Tacoma)

2016-2023 ARB Safari Air Snorkel System (3.5L Tacoma)

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  • It prevents Dust, Mud, Snow, and Water Ingestion
  • Ideal for Tackling Water Hazards
  • UV-Stable Polyethylene Construction
  • EPDM Molded Rubber High-Flow Air Ducts
  • Vehicle-Specific, Seamless Fit
  • Comes With a 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in Australia
  • Fits 2016-Current Models of the 3.5L Toyota Tacoma ONLY! (Does not work with 2.7L)

Constant Cool, Clean Air. Install this ARB Safari Air Snorkel System to your Tacoma and you can forget about dust, snow, or water ingestion. This snorkel system relocates the air intake from under the hood to a higher position that’s level with the roof for a constant supply of cool, clean air. With the high-flow design of the air ducts, your truck’s engine will be able to perform better in terms of ECU, exhaust, and forced induction. 

Heavy-Duty Construction. To ensure ultimate strength, ARB chose UV-stable polyethylene in constructing this air snorkel. The high-flow air ducts, meanwhile, are manufactured from EPDM molded rubber and can operate smoothly, even at temperatures as high as 130°C. The enclosed hardware is similarly heavy-duty, made from high-grade, plated stainless steel. 

Designed to Remove Water From the Air. This ARB Safari series snorkel has a clever design that doesn’t only reduce the dust intake. It’s also engineered to remove the highest amount of water from the air being drawn into the ducts. This design ensures that your engine will get the coolest, cleanest air for optimum performance. 

Designed for a Seamless Installation. ARB snorkels are made in Australia with locally sourced materials, using CAD modeling and actual vehicles to ensure a seamless fit. Make sure to follow the enclosed instructions for the best results. The complete installation will take about 3 hours. 

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