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Sick of your boring OEM Tacoma headlights? Want to spice them up a bit without breaking the bank on a new set? These headlight tinted blackout overlays are just what you need! These translucent gloss black decals provide you with a stylish upgrade to your existing factory headlights while still allowing the safety features to shine through.


  • Easy installation
  • Applies to the outside of the headlight
  • Includes Amber Delete decal for driver and passenger side
  • Allows amber safety features to still shine through with the translucent design
  • These can be installed dry and completely by hand. No special tools are required!

Additional Information:

  • Clean the surface thoroughly before applying decal

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jerry Guidry
Tacoma Guy

great !!!!

Samuel Salas
Headlight Amber delete tint kit decal

Looks great on my truck but should have taken my time when placing it. It has little air sacks.

Heriberto Pompa
Unique Awesome

Let me say this gives my headlight a unique look from the rest of them out there. When the amber side light are on. The TRD light up brighter and the rest is smoked out darker amber still lighting thru. Film doesn’t completely block out amber light. It’s like your giving it a darker window tint. At night it stands out more. Let me say also it’s not too easy to stick on also. You gotta have some a bit knowledge on putting film vinyl like on. Specially if it’s not flat. First side I did good but the second one on the other side came out way better and less effort.


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