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Model: 1st Generation Tacoma
Model Years: 1996-2004

CBI Offroad Toyota Tacoma frame reinforcement plates are designed to strengthen the frame of your Toyota Tacoma truck. Frame plates should be used when you are adding additional weight to your Tacoma by way of a rear bumper and tire carrier.

NOTE: If installing on a double cab some trimming of the plates is required.


The frame of a 1st generation Toyota Tacoma is notorious for having weak spots in the frame. These areas are in the rear section of the frame around the wheel well. The weakness of these areas is greatly exaggerated when the additional weight from an off-road rear bumper and tire carrier is installed. For this purpose, we ALWAYS RECOMMEND the addition of CBI frame plates to your Tacoma to protect the frame of your truck.


  • Fitment: Toyota Tacoma 1996 to 2004
  • CNC plasma cut
  • Engineered to eliminate the worry of frame damage
  • Special pickled in oil plating helps eliminate porosity in the welds
  • Internal rosette welds help add strength


NOTE: If installing on a double cabe some trimming of the plates is required.

When installing CBI Offroad frame plates preparation is the key to a clean, professional install that will allow the product to perform as it was engineered to do. Take the necessary time to prepare the truck frame before beginning. (PRINTABLE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS)

When installing frame plates the preparation before you weld will make all the difference. Without good, solid welds, the product will not perform to the level it was designed for.

  • Clean the frame free of any paint, bed liner, or debris so that you have a clean surface to weld to. Use a grinder to do this and get it down to the bare metal.
  • Make sure the frame plates are also clean. Use carb cleaner or brake parts cleaner to wipe them down.
  • Care taken with steps 1 and 2 will help to create porous free welds that will last.
  • Using a MIG welder plate should be rosette welded throughout the middle of the plating and stitch welded along the outside edge of the plate all the way around.
  • Be sure to vary the area where you weld so as to not apply too much heat to the frame.
  • Where the two plates meet leave around a 1/4" to 3/8" gap so that you can weld both plates and fill in that area. Please see the detailed installation pictures below.

Estimated Installation Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thomas D.
Frame Plates

They arrived quick, test fit them shortly after. No modifications were necessary as they are cut perfectly to begin with. I just cleaned up the frame and welded them in. Stiffened the rear up for my trailer pullin' Tacoma! Cant complain as they do exactly as advertised.

Terry H.
easy install

was a easy project, all welded and painted.

Definitely Added Structural Integrity

Since having these plates welded onto the frame of my Tacoma, I am much less worried about what happens to my truck should I get rear-ended. Additionally, I feel much better about having a 125lb. plate bumper on the back of my truck, as that was a major concern without the added reinforcement. Glad I bought them, for sure.


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