Top 5 Toyota Tacomas at the Inaugural Overland Expo Mountain West 2021

Overland Expo Mountain West 2021

The ultra-popular Overland Expo hosted its first Mountain West event this year in Loveland, Colorado, to great success. Known for bringing adventurers and off-road enthusiasts, vendors, and industry experts together, Overland Expo is a must-visit if you are passionate about Toyota Tacomas—or any other off-road-capable vehicle for that matter.

If you know us, you know that we spent most of the weekend searching the Larimer County Fairgrounds, lovingly known as “The Ranch,” for the coolest Tacoma builds. By the time the event came to a close, we had probably seen every Tacoma on the premises. With so many epic Toyota Tacomas in attendance, we felt it was only right to share our favorites with you.

So, without further adieu, here are the top 5 Toyota Tacomas at the Overland Expo Mountain West 2021.

Skinny Guy Campers

This 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro was impossible to overlook thanks to its vibrant blue paint and matching camper shell adorned in black, blue, grey, and white camo. This Tacoma is, of course, armored for the trail and features CBI front and rear bumpers. Supporting all the weight of the build are an Old Man Emu suspension system, Method wheels, and 35” Toyo tires.

Of course, the main attraction of the Skinny Guy Campers Toyota Tacoma, though, is the camper. The design of the camper combines the concepts of a truck topper and rooftop tent while still intended to fit inside your garage. When closed, the camper aligns with your Tacoma’s cab, meaning no height is added to your truck.

The Skinny Guy Camper is fully equipped for long-term overlanding, too. It features a fridge, stove, water tank, and water pump, all while sleeping 2 to 3 people. There is even a solar panel on a hinged slide that can be deployed when the vehicle is stationary and in movement, providing power to all your overland goodies.

Overland Eats

Wrapped in an unmistakable camouflage design, the Overland Eats 2017 Toyota Tacoma Off-Road is one eye-catching rig. While it may not have been the biggest or most flamboyant Tacoma at the show, it is well-appointed and tastefully modified.

Featuring a full array of armor from CBI, including front and rear bumpers, skid plates, and sliders, this Toyota Tacoma is ready for any challenges the trail holds. The suspension is impressive, as well, with Kings all around and heavy-duty leaf packs from Icon in the rear. Supporting the iKamper rooftop tent is an RCI Metalworks rack that keeps the tent and center-of-gravity a little lower.

With a name like Overland Eats, there must be an extensive kitchen setup. This starts with the AL Offroad Products Trailgate, which is perfect for meal prep off-grid. To keep all the food fresh and ready for cooking, this Tacoma is outfitted with a well-loved Dometic fridge. It is truly a food lover’s build.

Arkansas Offroad

This overlanding beast looks ready for adventure. With an A.R.E. camper shell, Slimline roof rack from Front Runner, and a prototype rooftop tent from Backwoods Adventure Mods, there is no off-grid exploration too remote for this fully outfitted Tacoma. The bed is also equipped with a DECKED system, on top of which a propane tank, battery bank, and fridge are mounted, making long trips a breeze.

The Arkansas Offroad Toyota Tacoma has enough armor to ensure no rocks or tree stumps cut the trip short, too. The Backwoods Adventure Mods dual swingout bumper provides protection and extra storage, the Backwoods front bumper adds protection and functionality while weighing at only 80 pounds, and the custom sliders protect the body flawlessly.

With great mods come increased weight, so this Toyota Tacoma features a Dobinson heavy-duty suspension system and King shocks. Throw in some auxiliary lights, a snorkel, and 34” tires mounted to AEV wheels, and you have one of the best Tacoma builds at Overland Expo MNT West 2021.

Last Line of Defense

If you are plugged into the Toyota Tacoma world, you are probably familiar with Mike from Last Line of Defense (LLOD). With one of the nicest Tacoma builds out there, it is no surprise that he made our list of the top Tacomas at Overland Expo.

His truck showcases CBI armor all around, including the front bumper, skid plates, rock sliders, and rear bumper. Complementing the armor are aftermarket headlights and an array of KC HiLites. Beneath the Tacoma are Dakar leaf springs, Fox shocks, and 35” BFGoodrich KO2 tires wrapped around Black Rhino Wheels.

In the back, the truck puts the fun in functional by combining overlanding goodies with everyday usability. The heart of this combination is the aluminum Diamondback Bed Cover, which keeps the bed sealed and provides a platform for the Front Runner rack and iKamper Skycamp Mini rooftop tent.

One of the more unique modifications to the LLOD Tacoma is a hood-mounted solar panel from Cascadia 4x4 that provides 85 watts of power. This solar panel makes use of otherwise unused space on the truck, which is perfect for maximizing the limited storage capacity of the Tacoma.


At 9 years old, this is the only 2nd Generation Toyota Tacoma to make our list. Coincidentally, it might also be our favorite Toyota Tacoma from Overland Expo. There is a lot to notice about this truck, not the least of which are the Dynatrac Dana 60 axles in both the front and the rear—that is right; this Tacoma has a solid front axle conversion.

Paired with that already impressive driveline modification are dual transfer cases and hydro-assist steering from PSC. Brett is running adjustable Radflo shocks, Eibach springs in the front, and custom leaf springs from Deaver in the rear to help the truck handle the weight of the modifications and enhance performance. In fact, he claims the front axle has over 3’ of articulation—that is impressive, especially with his 38” Falken tires.

While the axle swap and suspension make this 2nd Gen Tacoma a beast on the trails, it is impossible to overlook the Adventure Trailers Habitat. This camper shell features a massive foldout tent but weighs in at only 350lbs, making it a unique and ultra-functional addition. It is equipped with Goose Gear cabinetry, a propane heater, a water heater, and more.

There is a little bit of history on this Tacoma, too. The color scheme and design of the wrap harken back to desert racing and the legendary Ivan “Ironman” Stewart. The truck also features a front bumper, rear bumper with swingout, and rock sliders from the now-defunct Pelfreybilt.

The inaugural Overland Expo MNT West 2021 was an incredible experience packed with passionate people and rad rigs. If you have not been to an Overland Expo yet, we highly recommend you do so. Seeing these and other Toyota Tacomas at the event is sure to inspire you. In the meantime, check out the video about these trucks for more details.

If you are building your own Tacoma, be sure to visit our website. It has all the Toyota Tacoma goodies you need to build your dream truck, no matter what your vision may be.

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