TACOMABEAST Pocket Lighter
TACOMABEAST Pocket Lighter

TACOMABEAST Pocket Lighter

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Enjoy the power and reliability of our TACOMABEAST Pocket Lighter equipped with a torch flame, and flip-top cover.

Protective Flip-Cap: The stylish flip-cap opens and closes with a nice click, and provides more safety while not in use.

Slip Guard Finish: Comfort in the palm of your hands. Our Slip Guard technology helps you grip your lighter at every strike.

Electric Ignition: The Electric Spark on our lighter is easy to strike, and has more resistance to humidity. Empowered by piezoelectric crystal, the high voltage produced ignites the gas and ensures a long and secure life for the product.

Refillable: Chill and refill. Our Lighter is Refillable for longer lasting use. Let’s do our part and help slow down plastic waste.