How Long Does it Take to Build a Toyota Tacoma?

Modern vehicles are extraordinarily complex, yet manufacturers produce millions a year with profound precision. This is even more impressive when considering the incredible longevity and reliability for which some brands are known. For example, Toyota sold over 250,000 Tacomas in 2021 alone. Recognized as one of the most durable vehicles in production, the Toyota Tacoma is a marvel of engineering and manufacturing.

For those who are considering ordering a Toyota Tacoma, this mind-boggling exactness is balanced with an eagerness to finally receive their new truck. On top of the mind is one question – how long does it take to build a Toyota Tacoma?

While a myriad of factors must be considered when answering this question, the timeline from placing an order for a Tacoma to receiving delivery is typically easy to determine depending on the model year. Here, we’ll dive into the expected timelines for the production of a current Tacoma, as well as what goes into crafting these unbelievable machines.


How Many Hours Does It Take to Build a Toyota Tacoma? 

The actual time it takes to build a Tacoma is only a minor factor in how long someone will wait for their truck after ordering it. It is, however, an interesting bit of information that differentiates Toyota from many other manufacturers.

Like other car makers, Toyota makes thousands of vehicles a day. However, the hours Toyota allocates to building each vehicle is, on average, higher than its competitors. It takes approximately 22 hours for Toyota to build a vehicle from start to finish. This is several hours more than similar manufacturers, which may contribute to the high level of quality for which Toyota is known.

How Long is the Wait for a New Toyota Tacoma?

Whether you’re waiting for a Tacoma to hit the local dealer’s lot or you’ve custom ordered a Tacoma and are awaiting delivery, the period between placing your order and receiving your truck can feel like an eternity. This challenging waiting game can be even more difficult given the relatively brief production time once the vehicle is on the assembly line.

Unfortunately, there is more to process than simply building the Tacoma. In 2022, the availability of essential parts, including microchips, has made the production of vehicles far more unpredictable than normal. Different options may add time to the build process, as well. So, if you equip your truck with an option that is in short supply, the build date of your truck may be pushed back.

Additionally, the order of operations contributes to your wait. Toyota first opens the order banks, fills them, and then begins production. This process creates a backlog of orders, which Toyota fulfills on a schedule. Depending on your place in line (and the options you’ve selected), your Tacoma may arrive quickly or take months. 

Dealers also have certain allocations. If your dealer has an allocation for a certain vehicle – like a Tacoma – your wait might be briefer than from a dealership with no allocation remaining. Because of this, it’s important to ask your dealer about their allocation to ensure they can secure your spot in the production backlog.

Finally, there is the delivery. Once your Toyota Tacoma is built, it will need to be transported to the dealership through which you ordered it. Depending on Toyota’s schedule and your location, this could range from a few days to several weeks. Overall, you might wait anywhere from a couple of months to over half a year.

How to Stay Updated on the Progress of Your Toyota Tacoma Order

There are few things more exciting than ordering and receiving a brand new vehicle, especially when it’s a Tacoma. If you’re like us, you’ll obsessively wonder about the progress of your vehicle and its timeline for delivery. It’s like counting down the days to Christmas!

The good news is that you can stay up to date on your Tacoma’s progress via email and by staying in touch with your dealership. Major updates to your Tacoma’s progress – such as preparing for shipment – are easy to find with the information you provided upon placing your order. Sometimes, your dealer may be able to give you more precise information, and communicating with them is the best way to remain in the loop. 

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