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Eliminate the ugly chrome on the door handles with the 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma Door Handle Covers. These covers are designed to snap on and fit perfectly over the 2016-2021 Toyota Tacoma interior handles.

Injection-molded from automotive-grade ABS and available in different colors to spice up the monochromatic door panel. Or keep it simple with black for a stealth look.

If you have a 4 door truck you should purchase the 4 door kit, it will include 4 handle covers. If you have a 2 door truck purchase the 2 door kit, it will include 2 handle covers.

INSTALLATION: NO NEED TO REMOVE THE DOOR PANEL! Simply pull open the handle, slip the front on, and put pressure on the back until it clicks into place.

Customer Reviews

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Bob Howard
2022 My Toy

Looks great I get a lot of ideas from Chloe Kuo and robmotive

No more chrome...

This install was the fastest ever. I think the longest part was walking form the driver side to passenger side. A plus that I was not expecting; the chrome handles are slick, these are textured just enough to be grippy without being abrasive.

Bradlehy Smith
Simple to install and look great

These are a winner, out with the chrome…..you won’t be disappointed

Darren Pollon
Black door handel covers

Everything arrived and fit as stated.
All is good

Arnold G.
Interior door handle covers

The Black door handle covers were my first mod to my Taco. Easy to install, done in minutes. What am I getting next? Thanks TacomaBeast.


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