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We are excited to offer this product to our customers! A truly easy-to-clean French Press perfect for commutes, road-trips, or just brewing in the kitchen. The removable bottom makes clean-up a breeze, and Bru-Stop™ press makes for a smooth, never-bitter tasting cup that won’t leave grounds in your smile.


Customer Reviews

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Johnnie Beck
French Press

Me personally, my coffee is a 24 oz blue Monster. However my wife is the true coffee drinker and she loves it. Took a second to figure out how to open the “sip-lid” but figured out that if you press it down, it releases the little non-spill latch then it opens right up.

Nick Johnson
Amazing product

This French press is great for everyday use as well as camping. You can even drink out of it like a thermos. Pretty easy fast way to make great coffee on the way to work or around the camp site.

Carter Moses
So badass

I know this is an expensive french press, but I can say it is worth every penny. This thing is going to last me forever on all my camping/climbing trips, and i'm pretty sure it's indestructible. I also love how much coffee you can make out of this, it seems bigger then your traditional french press.


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