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Blackout the chrome emblems that come standard on your Tacoma with the Tacoma Lifestyle Black Emblem Overlays. Install is easy, simply place the black emblems over the existing chrome emblems, and they stick on with the adhesive.  Emblems are all black and have a satin finish to them.
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8pcs Kit Included:

  • "Tacoma" Emblem* (2x)
  • "SR5" Emblem* (2x)
  • "Limited" Emblem* (2x)
  • "V6" Emblem* (1x)
  • "4X4" Emblem* (1x)


3pcs Kit Included:

  • "Tacoma" Emblem* (2x)
  • "V6" Emblem* (1x)

Works on all 2016-2021 Tacoma's, simply select the emblems options above that correspond with the emblems that are on the exterior of your Tacoma.


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