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Patrol HD
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Introducing the Patrol HD, a modern interpretation of classic style. A sibling to the Analog HD, the Patrol HD is the result of our quest to modernize iconic off-road styles with added functionality. All-aluminum construction reduces unsprung weight, while the Patrol HD’s bell-shaped barrel provides as much clearance as possible for todays' larger brake assemblies. The Patrol HD is engineered to perform whether it be on the sand or streets.

Designed With Purpose
Built to Get You Over and Through Whatever You Encounter on Your Adventure
From start to finish, our line of HD truck wheels are designed with adventure in mind. Like you, we find joy in escaping the daily grind and getting out on the trails, so we know how important it is that wheels are able to get you there and back without any hinderance. Whether its our own trucks, or a customer's truck, Fifteen52 HD wheels are wheels that we know we can put our trust in, and out in the wilderness, that's what matters.

A Modern Rendition of Classic Style
Vintage or Modern, the Patrol HD Fits
The Patrol HD design stems from the original steel wheels common on many of our favorite classic trucks and off-road vehicles. Updating to an alloy construction and updating the design with contemporary features and simplified design, the Patrol HD is right at home on vintage and modern vehicles alike. Whether you have an old carbureted rig or a brand new SUV, the Patrol will bring a touch of classic styling that looks good on anything.

Load Ratings
Strength to Carry Whatever You Need
Whether your truck is loaded up with gear for a long week of camping, towing your toys for a weekend at the lake, or simply enduring your daily commute, Fifteen52 HD wheels are up to the task. In engineering our wheels, we made sure that their load ratings are more than enough for whatever work your truck may be tasked with.All 16-inch and 17-inch Patrol HDs are rated at 2,500 Lbs per corner.

Brake Clearance
Room to Stop
With our roots in performance sports car wheels, we're familiar with the need for brake clearance, so as we approached our HD line of truck wheels, we held the same priorities. A bell-shaped barrel has been utilized to provide as much clearance as possible for larger packages that are now found on trucks.

Lug Hardware
Standardized Fitment
All Fifteen52 wheels utilize 60-degree tapered lug seats and will work with any standard lug hardware.

TPMS Fitment
Fifteen52 Wheels Accept TPMS Sensors
TPMS sensors have become commonplace on modern vehicles and during the design phase, we ensure that all of our wheels accept factory TPMS sensors. Fifteen52 Wheels are designed to accept standard valve stems.

✔ Available in 17"
✔ Current Bolt Pattern Available: 6x139.7

17x8.5 | 6x139.7 (6x5.5") | 0/4.75" Specs:
Diameter: 17 
Width: 8.5
Bolt Pattern (PCD): 6x139.7 (6x5.5")
Offset (mm): 0
Centerbore(mm): 106.2
Weight(lb): 30.49
Load Rating(lb): 2500

Warranty: 1-year on Finish, Lifetime Structural Warranty