Foundation Series Hub V2
Foundation Series Hub V2
Foundation Series Hub V2
Foundation Series Hub V2
Foundation Series Hub V2
Foundation Series Hub V2
Foundation Series Hub V2
Foundation Series Hub V2

Foundation Series | Hub V2

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Introducing the Hub Tent V2

The Anywhere for Anyone Tent, designed to offer endless possibilities for outdoor adventures. This innovative 4-sided ground tent combines quick and easy deployment, multiple temperature control options, and exceptional versatility to enhance your camping experience.

Embrace the freedom and convenience that the HUB Tent V2 brings, allowing you to create unforgettable memories in the great outdoors while enjoying unparalleled comfort and ease.

With its thoughtful design and multiple temperature control options, the HUB V2 offers versatility and adaptability for camping in any season, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the beauty of nature while staying comfortable and protected from the elements.

The Foundation Series: We launched the Foundation Series to celebrate the founding steps of every adventure. Whether you're an expert camper stepping through a morning routine, or a novice stepping into the unknown, feel at home with the HUB V2.

Fast + Easy Pull-Tab Set Up: Setting up camp has never been simpler. With the HUB Tent V2, all it takes is a quick pull on each side's tab, and the tent effortlessly pops out into place, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the great outdoors.

Stove Jack: The integrated stove jack in the HUB Tent V2 provides an efficient heating option during colder months. It allows you to safely and quickly heat the interior of the tent using a stove, without the need for external power sources or the risk of running extension cords. The stove jack is fire-resistant, ensuring your safety while keeping you warm and cozy inside the tent.

Tri-Layer Tent Body: Stay insulated and cozy in any weather condition with the HUB Tent V2's Tri-Layer tent walls. These walls offer excellent insulation, and when desired, they can be rolled up to expose a bug mesh, ensuring maximum airflow for hot summer days.

Lightweight, Fiberglass Construction: Designed with portability in mind, the HUB Tent V2 features a lightweight fiberglass construction, making it easy to carry and transport to your preferred camping locations.

Integrated LED Lighting: Experience enhanced visibility and ambiance inside your spacious HUB Tent V2. A thin, luminous LED light strip runs along the ceiling, providing efficient lighting for various activities during your camping adventures.

Versatility: The HUB Tent V2 offers remarkable versatility. It can function as a standalone tent, providing a comfortable sleeping space on the ground. Alternatively, it can be effortlessly attached to your car or Evolution rooftop tent, expanding your camping options and adapting to different camping setups.

Four Season:   The HUB Tent V2's adaptability makes it suitable for all four seasons. Whether you're camping in the snow, facing a summer heatwave, or enjoying a mild autumn breeze, the tent's temperature control options can be adjusted to create the ideal camping environment. By rolling up the walls for ventilation or closing them up for insulation, you can customize the tent to suit the specific temperature and weather conditions, ensuring comfort throughout the year.

Floor Size: 96" x 96"
Interior Middle Height: 80"
Interior Side Wall Height: 70"
Weight: 42 lbs
Box Dimensions: 64" x 10" x 10"
Sleeping Capacity: 2-4 people
Frame: 11mm Diameter Solid Fiberglass Poles, HUB Mechanism
Tent Fabric: Roof 210D Ripstop-Oxford, Clear PU Coating 1500mm, Water Resistance [WR], Fire Resistance [CPA] | Tri-Layer Panels- 150D | (150D oxford+60g/m2 polyfill+150D oxford)
Rainfly Material: 150D Ripstop-Oxford, Clear PU Coating 1000mm, Water Resistance [WR], Fire Resistance [CPA]
Floor Material: 210D oxford, PU2000mm, W/R
Mesh Wall: 80g/m2
Carry Bag: 66 in x12 in x12 / 600D Oxford Fabric

2-Year Limited Warranty