2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma VSS SYSTEM™ - 90 WATT Hood Solar Panel
2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma VSS SYSTEM™ - 90 WATT Hood Solar Panel
2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma VSS SYSTEM™ - 90 WATT Hood Solar Panel
2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma VSS SYSTEM™ - 90 WATT Hood Solar Panel
2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma VSS SYSTEM™ - 90 WATT Hood Solar Panel
2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma VSS SYSTEM™ - 90 WATT Hood Solar Panel

2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma VSS SYSTEM™ - 90 WATT Hood Solar Panel

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The Cascadia 4x4 VSS System™ is hard-mounts to the hood of your 2nd Gen Tacoma and, during daylight hours, provides a constant flow of clean solar energy to your primary or secondary vehicle batteries. This gives you the ability to run 12V accessories like fridges, phone/laptop chargers, lights, power inverters, etc. without the need to start your engine and without the fear of draining your battery and leaving you stranded. The VSS System™ is completely plug-and-play if paired with an optional MPPT solar charge controller and can be installed in as little as 1.5 hours.

Cascadia chose the most stable and durable multilayered semi-flexible solar panel construction available to ensure that these solar panels can withstand extreme environmental conditions, maintenance-free, for years.

The Cascadia 4x4 VSS System™ is currently in use in the Canadian mining industry.

The future of vehicle charging is here.


  • Keep your truck's battery topped up at all times: Perfect for the overlander or camper who wants to power devices without worrying about draining their battery.
  • Extend the life of your battery: The Cascadia 4x4 VSS System™ will give you longer overall battery life by tending it constantly during periods of sun exposure.
  • Emergency engine starting device: If you ever manage to completely drain your battery the VSS System™ will start the vehicle up again in as little as 30 minutes depending on sun exposure.
  • Anti-glare device: Due to its light-absorbing properties the solar panel creates a surface with very low reflectivity across the hood of the vehicle.


  • 90 watts of energy on the hood of your 2nd Gen Toyota Tacoma from a solar panel that's only 3mm thick, meaning vehicle aerodynamics are not affected and the weight of the system is negligible.
  • Durable marine-grade solar panel construction. The panel is made from 8 laminated layers consisting of a Dupont™ Tedlar® backsheet and high-tech polymers allowing it to stand up to harsh environmental conditions like rain/snow/ice/mud/rocks/sticks etc. High durability makes this panel perfect for an off-road vehicle.
  • Optional Plug-and-play MPPT solar charge controller. This waterproof unit mounts in the engine bay and is highly resistant to heat and vibration. It automatically controls how much electricity reaches the battery and prevents overcharging. The charge controller has been pre-wired with fuses, terminals, and connectors to take out all of the guesswork in setting up the VSS System™.
  • The optional but highly recommended custom-cut vinyl base sheet protects the underlying vehicle paint from damage.
  • Factory-like appearance. The VSS System™ follows the contours and edges of Tacoma's hood perfectly giving it a seamless and sleek aesthetic.
  • Cascadia adds strips of 3M neoprene foam to the base of each panel. This high-density foam acts as a thermal barrier to protect your vehicle's paint from damage and also aid in solar panel cooling.
  • Final assembly and quality control are done at a Canadian production facility to ensure that every VSS System™ functions perfectly. At Cascadia 4x4 we stand behind the quality of products.


Each panel comes with a full perimeter of pre-installed high temperature 3M VHB tape. We spend time sanding, cleaning, and prepping each panel to make sure that the tape has a solid bond to the panel. This tape then mounts safely to your hood without damaging the paint.

We highly recommend that the Cascadia 4x4 VSS System™ is paired with Cascadia vehicle-specific vinyl base sheet which sits under the solar panel. The vinyl mounts onto the hood of your vehicle in the same way that traditional hood vinyl or automotive vinyl stickers are applied. The vinyl acts as a moisture and debris barrier to protect the underlying paint.

Note: The VSS System™ takes 1.5 hrs to install and must be done in a dry environment between 18° and 35°C (64° and 95°F).

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