2024+ Toyota Tacoma 2.5" SST Lift Kit
2024+ Toyota Tacoma 2.5" SST Lift Kit

2024+ Toyota Tacoma 2.5" SST Lift Kit

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2.5” SST Kit - Max Tire Diameter 285/75 without trimming
Fabricated steel front strut spacers
Rear 1” Coil Spacer
Billet Pre-Load Spacer

Wheel Tire  Note
Stock (17x7 +60)  285/70R17  No Trim (Widest tire you can put on, Knuckle clearance)
17x8 +35  285/70R17  No Trim
17x8 +35  285/75R17  No Trim
17x8.5 +47  285/70R17  No Trim
17x8.5 +47  285/75R17  No Trim
17x8.5 +25  285/70R17  No Trim
17x9 +1  285/70R17  May require trimming. (4mm clearance)

Tire Size Comparison
18x8 +35  285/65R18  No Trim
18x8 +35  285/70R18  No Trim
18x8.5 +47  285/65R18  No Trim
18x8.5 +47  285/70R18  No Trim
18x8.5 +25  285/65R18  No Trim
18x9 +1 285/65R18  May require trimming. (4mm clearance)
20x8.5 +35  295/55R20  No Trim
20x9 +18  295/55R20  No Trim
20x9 +1   295/55R20  May require trimming. (4mm clearance)

Tire Size Note: ReadyLIFT wheel and tire fitment recommendations are typically based on Wheel Pros wheels and Nitto tires. Due to product differences among tire manufacturers, tire specifications and dimensions including, but limited to, overall diameter, rolling diameter, tread width, aspect ratio, lug pattern, sidewall construction and inflation pressure, will vary meaningfully by tire and wheel manufacturer. Every tire and wheel combination should be test fit prior to installation. Consult your local installer to learn more about the right tire fitment for your application.

Ride Quality Note: When lifting a vehicle and installing aftermarket wheels and tires, a tire manufacturer's construction and material quality can alter vehicle ride quality. When increasing a vehicle wheel and tire size, most larger aftermarket truck and SUV tires are 10-ply (or more) E tires compared to typical OEM 6-ply C tires. This more rigid sidewall construction increases the perception of suspension stiffness often described as ride harshness. The ride, handling, traction, noise, fuel economy, and wear differences between All-Season, All-Terrain, Mud-Terrain, or Trail-Terrain type tires can be significant. Please take into account tire and wheel choice will generally have a meaningful impact on the ride & handling experience.

SAEJ2492 Warning: By installing this product, you acknowledge that the suspension of this vehicle has been modified. As a result, this vehicle may handle differently than that of factory-equipped vehicles. As with any vehicle, extreme care must be used to prevent loss of control or roll-over during sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers. Always wear seat belts, and drive safely, recognizing that reduced speeds and specialized driving techniques may be required. Failure to drive this vehicle safely may result in serious injury or death. Do not drive this vehicle unless you are familiar with its unique handling characteristics and are confident of your ability to maintain control under all driving conditions. Some modifications (and combinations of modifications) are not recommended and may not be permitted in your state. Consult your owner's manual, the instructions accompanying this product, and state laws before undertaking these modifications. You are responsible for the legality and safety of the vehicle you modify using these components.