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New and improved design that allows for use of both OEM and aftermarket gas caps. Dual compound flexible rubber inner rim for better fitment. Direct bolt in for an easy installation. 


Fits all Tacoma from 3rd generation.


  • Remove Phillips head bolt from inside fuel door (TIP: Use a #2 bit on an impact while holding pressure on the door. Toyota has been known to install these tight)
  • Slip Gasshole's right side groove into the metal fuel door
  • Reinstall Screw over Gasshole tab.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Jarod Stevens
Works well!

I bought the Gashole gas cap holder because I switched to a locking gas cap. The new cap has no plastic lanyard attachment on it like the factory gas cap does. With the factory cap you can unscrew it and just let it hang below while fueling. I had nowhere to put the new locking gas cap. Then I saw the gashole and it looked to be the perfect solution! I ordered one right away. It was easy to install and now I just remove the new locking gas cap and **** it into the gashole that is attached to the inside fuel door about 1/4 turn. It holds tight until I’m done fueling! Worth the $.

No lube needed for this gasshole

Must have mod! Super convenient and simple install. This is way better than trying to hang the plastic gas cap wire on the little clip.

Micheal Myers
Super Convenient

Wish I would have bought sooner! Something so simple yet so satisfying. Props for the quick shipping!

Gilbert Bonilla
Put it in your gasshole

When you fuel up your taco, put the fuel cap into your gasshole mod. Too much pressure is not needed as your cap can be difficult but not impossible to remove. A well made product! Kiss my gasshole Toyota!

Carlos Velasco
Great improvement

This lights are great, installation is a little tricky but is well worth it.


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