2005-2015 3" LRT Tacoma Lift Kit
2005-2015 3" LRT Tacoma Lift Kit
2005-2015 3" LRT Tacoma Lift Kit

2005-2015 3" LRT Tacoma Lift Kit

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Applications include: 2005-2015 Regular Cab Tacoma, Access Cab Tacoma, and Double Cab Tacoma.

Allows for up to a 33" Tire with the factory wheels, however most of the time the front mudflap does have to be removed with aftermarket wheel and tire combinations because of different offset.

  • Easy installation with step-by-step instructions.
  • Solid CNC 6061-T6 aluminum spacers with pre-installed grade 10.9 metric studs.
  • Includes skid plate drop spacers and longer-than-factory style bolts.
  • Allows for up to 33” tire with the factory wheels.
  • Front spacers are clear anodized.

Transform your 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma! Turn your Tacoma into a head turner and still retain the factory ride. Unlike other lifts available on the market that make you disassemble the strut assembly for installation, this lift kit is designed to fit on top of the strut. Why does Low Range Off-Road do it this way? Because the other lifts can pre-load the spring, making your ride harsher - and they are more difficult to install. Many people who have installed the in-the-strut poly spacers in the past have come to us and asked us why their poly spacers are squeezing out of the strut assembly...its because other lifts aren't designed to take that kind of abuse. You may ask, why doesn't Low Range Off-Road make the spacers out of steel like all other leveling kits on the market? Low Range Off-Road have found that over time, the other "steel" sandwiched/ welded spacers will flex and the steel will rust, and the tolerances on the holes and components are not as tight as Low Range Off-Road would like. Over time, the other lifts would "pop" meaning the struts begin to move on the spacers. Aluminum used as a strut spacer has proven to be the best material because it will not rust and has the best characteristics for a spacer of this size. Low Range Off-Road have done their homework here and come up with an easy to install lift (in 2-3 hrs), with more engineering and components than other lifts have. If you want a quality lift kit, at an affordable price- you have found it.

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