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  •  New Product!  Same geometry as the CNC Fob - at half the cost and without signal range limitations! In-stock.
  • The Fob remote case is a two piece plastic case that replaces the factory case that comes with the vehicle. For 2nd Gen Tacoma's (2005-2015). Injection molded of high strength and impact resistant ABS plastic. 
  • Existing electronics, battery, buttons, and seal are reused (not included with purchase) and packaged into the new case.
  • Instead of an annular snap fit, this design bolts together with socket head cap screws for a more rugged and straightforward approach.
  • Robust key ring hole eliminates the common breakage of the factory fob.


  • (1) 2-Piece Injection Molded ABS Plastic Fob Housing (Top and Bottom)
  • (4) Stainless Steel (or Aluminum) Socket Head Cap Screws
  • 7/64" allen key included.

** Don’t use loctite on this product. 

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