Start Your Toyota Tacoma with Your Key Fob and Phone

Installing a plug-and-play remote start kit in your Toyota Tacoma

The time has come. A cold Winter morning awaits, and you have to get to work (or to the mountains, no judgment here). Between you and your truck lies an infinite expanse of freezing temperature. There is only one option—brave the cold, sprint to your vehicle, start it up, and suffer until the cabin warms.

We all dread these moments. Whether it is the bitter cold, scalding heat, or impending zombie apocalypse, the hassle of starting your Toyota Tacoma the old-fashioned way can be a major inconvenience. What if, instead, you could start your Tacoma directly from your key fob and/or phone?

This game-changing modification to your Tacoma is easier to integrate than you might think. In fact, with the pre-assembled kit, some basic hand tools, and a little know-how, you can have remote start on your Tacoma in less than an hour.

Installing Your Toyota Tacoma Remote Start System

Thanks to the innovation of N2 Designs, it is incredibly easy to transform your Toyota Tacoma from a run-of-the-mill truck to a remote start masterpiece. Even if you find the prospect of working on your truck or attempting any type of wiring daunting, the N2 Designs kit will put your nerves at ease and have you feeling like a professional—it is truly that simple thanks to its plug-and-play design.

To complete the installation of your Toyota Tacoma remote start system, you will only need to remove a handful of screws and bolts, pop off a few interior panels, plug in the provided harnesses, and put everything back where it belongs. The most inexperienced Tacoma owner can install the N2 Designs remote start system with a screwdriver, ratchet, and a Saturday afternoon.

Once you finish the project, you will be able to tap the lock button on your key fob three times, and your Tacoma will start. From a cool party trick to a bit of comfort when the weather takes a turn for the worse, the benefits of taking on this straightforward modification are many. Trust us; you will wonder how you ever lived without remote start in your Toyota Tacoma.

Unlocking and Starting Your Tacoma with Your Phone

Having the power of remote start on your key fob is an amazing upgrade. The only thing cooler (and more useful) would be the ability to operate your Tacoma’s lock and start features directly from your phone.

Well, N2 Designs has you covered here, too, with their add-on smartphone module. With an installation just as straightforward and simple as their Tacoma remote start system, adding this upgrade is practically a no-brainer.

Just like the remote start system for your Tacoma, the smartphone add-on is plug-and-play and only requires a few wiring harnesses to be clicked into place. Once you have integrated the smart phone module into your N2 Designs remote start system, you will simply download the app, create an account, enter the serial number from your smartphone module, enable a few permissions, follow a few simple steps, and your Tacoma will be controllable from your phone.

The app displays the status of your door locks and run status, allows you to lock and unlock your doors, and can start and turn off your truck. These features can prove to be invaluable, especially when you are away from your vehicle and unsure of whether you locked the doors or left the vehicle running. It also gives you the ability to unlock your Tacoma from afar should someone else, like your spouse or your Tacoma bro, need access to the truck while you are away.

A Remote Start Kit for Every Third-Gen Tacoma

If you have a physical key rather than a push-button start, a manual transmission, or any other combination of Toyota Tacoma configurations, you may worry about the compatibility of the remote start system. You can rest assured, though, knowing that N2 Designs has what you need.

There are multiple versions of the N2 Designs remote start kit for Toyota Tacoma, meaning your truck can have remote start convenience so long as it is a third-gen Tacoma (2016 or newer). Simply read the descriptions—or shoot us a question—to ensure you purchase the correct remote start kit for your Toyota Tacoma.


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