Jillian Rebekah’s Toyota Tacoma

A well-known member of the Toyota Tacoma community, Jillian Rebekah is constantly inspiring other adventurers to explore, push their limits, and build rad trucks. How does she manage to be such an inspiration? By living the life and having a great Tacoma herself.

She (and her truck) was at Overland Expo West 2021, where we had a chance to catch up and take a look at her legendary Tacoma. Check out some of the highlights of her Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road below.


No rig is complete without armor. Not only is armor essential for keeping your Tacoma in pristine condition on rough trails, but it also looks fantastic and completely changes the appearance of the truck for the better.

Jillian has a hybrid front bumper, high-clearance rear bumper with a single swing out, and a full skid system beneath the truck, all from Relentless Fabrication. The sliders, however, are from Demello Offroad, and they have withstood a lot of trail abuse.


One of the first things you will notice about Jillian’s Toyota Tacoma is the lighting. There is a lot of it, and it looks amazing. With a mixture of amber and clear lenses, the front end of the truck really pops thanks to the tasteful choices Jillian has made. All the lights are from KC HiLites, and, as Jillian herself says, they make the truck look like “a spaceship at night.”

Beyond how cool they look, the lights are also very functional. Jillian has thoughtfully placed each one, ensuring that the entire trail will be well lit when she is exploring after nightfall. She even has more KC lights on the roof rack, providing plenty of luminance for setting up camp in the dark.


Propelling this beastly Toyota Tacoma through all types of terrain are Falken Wildpeak M/Ts. These bombproof tires are extremely aggressive, making them a perfect fit for the aesthetic of Jillian’s truck and for her style of desert off-roading. They are wrapped around wheels from Icon Vehicle Dynamics.


This Tacoma is a rocking brand new suspension from Icon, and it is impressive. Not only are the shocks adjustable, giving Jillian complete control over how her suspension performs, but they are also adjustable from her phone. She can hop off a trail and onto the highway and adjust her suspension without stopping or getting out of the vehicle.

The suspension is even intuitive, meaning it has the ability to adjust itself on the fly should the terrain change abruptly. Now, that is a cool overlap of technology and off-roading. Jillian is also using Icon springs, specifically, their RXT package, to support the weight of her rig while retaining spectacular performance both on and off-road.

Bed Rack and Rooftop Tent

It is impossible to see Jillian’s Toyota Tacoma and not have your eyes drawn to the bed rack and rooftop tent. The rack, which playfully sports colorful squirt guns on either side, is from Brute Force Fab, and it actually mounts through the bed into the frame of the truck rather than sitting atop the bedsides.

Secured to the top of the bed cage is a HITents rooftop tent. In a world dominated by the latest design and hard-shell tents, Jillian has decided to stick with the old-school soft-shell, fold-out style of tent. It is usable all year long, thanks to its ruggedized construction.

Power Solution

To power her fridge, lights, air compressor, and other accessories, Jillian recently opted to add a custom onboard power solution to her Toyota Tacoma. Nestled inside a ROAM Adventure Co. case are a lithium battery and REDARC power manager. With 100amh of power, she can run all her accessories for hours without being concerned with depleting her battery.

Jillian Rebekah’s Toyota Tacoma is no doubt an inspirational rig packed with off-roading and overlanding goodies, but the real story is Jillian’s passion for the outdoors and the adventure community. Her journey from casual explorer to seasoned camping and trail riding veteran is one with which we can all relate.

If you want more details about Jillian’s Tacoma and/or are interested in hearing her share how she fell in love with this lifestyle, be sure to check out the in-depth walk-around video we shot with her at Overland Expo West 2021. Also, be sure to visit her Instagram for more Tacoma content and epic adventures.

To see the products featured on Jillian’s truck, be sure to visit our website. It is your one-stop shop for all things Toyota Tacoma. You can even reach out to us with any questions you might have, and an experience Tacoma expert will be happy to help.

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