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  • Eliminates the carrier bearing.
  • Eliminates the complexity of the two-piece stock shaft.
  • It uses a 1310 series of universal joints. These are the most common size of u-joint there is. Replacement joints are much easier to find than stock Toyota style joints.
  • Shaft uses 3.5" diameter DOM steel tubing. Better quality tubing than most stock Toyota shafts use. 
  • It can be built using our greaseable Goldseal universal joints or non-greaseable Spicer joints. 

For more information check out the features and spec tabs below.

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Single drive shaft replacement for those troublesome two-piece Toyota Tacoma shafts. In addition to working better at higher angles, it also reduces the amount of complexity of the drive shaft. Less moving parts means less things to fail. If you have a lifted Tacoma, you may be experiencing the typical Tacoma drive shaft shudder. This is usually felt upon takeoff or at low speeds while accelerating. If that is what you are experiencing, your problem is most likely the driveshaft angles. Most of the time this shaft fixes the shudder and vibration problems created by lifting your Tacoma. Sometimes however the vibrations will persist. Because of this, we recommend that you only buy this shaft if you are experiencing problems with your stock driveshaft. If you don't have any vibration issues currently, it may be best to stick with the stock shaft. If you get a shaft from us and it does not meet your expectations, you have 30 days to return it for a refund. Overall our customers have very good success with our Toyota Tacoma drive shafts, but every once in awhile our drive shaft does not fix the customer's vibration problems. 

Tacoma driveshaft lengths and flange patterns vary. In our experience, there is no single standard length or flange patterns for any particular model. To ensure that you get the right thing you will need to take a couple of measurements before ordering your driveshaft. You need to measure the distance from your transfer case flange to your differential flange. You will also need to measure the bolt pattern at each end. It is important that you measure the bolt pattern on each end because they are often not the same at both ends.   

Customer Reviews

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Josh H.
Vibrations solved

If you are fighting driveline vibrations in your lifted tacoma this is the quickest way to fix all vibrations. After i installed the drive shaft the truck drives sooo much better. I know it might just be me but i feel like the truck now accelerates better and just feels smoother. Best money i have spent.

Matt H
Amazing! No more death rattle!

The timing of the product was fast and a super easy installation! No more two piece driveshaft and even better no more rattle! Completely worth it if you lift your truck or just want something a little stronger.


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