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These are Camburg's 4″ lift spindles for the 2005-2021 2wd Tacoma Prerunner. These are a great solution for larger tires and factory rides or much need clearance for larger tires with Camburg's bolt-in mid-travel Coilover or long Travel kits. Factory spindles are known for bending so this new design is much stronger than the factory units giving you the strength needed for off-road use. These spindles are CNC machined, fully fabricated, with an internally gusseted boxed design, 3/4″ wider per side to correct spindle offset as well as more tire clearance with upper arms. Camburg's new steering arm angle will relieve binding on the factory outer tie rods at droop allowing for more wheel travel. You also gain ground clearance with the added lift built into the spindle.

Camburg offers the spindle in two versions, one that incorporates the factory sway-bar mount for stock length upper & lower arms and Camburg long-travel version that does not have the sway-bar mount, making it stronger. The stock brake lines for either version are too short.

  • Fully fabricated (not cheap cast imports)
  • CNC Machined
  • 4 in Lift
  • 3/4 in wider per side
  • Includes longer length stainless/kevlar front brake lines
  • Clearance for larger tires
  • Powder-coated finish
  • It Fits 6 lug version trucks only
  • Made in the USA

What's Included

  • Driver side spindle
  • Passenger side spindle
  • Extended length stainless/kevlar front brake lines
  • 12pt Hardware Kit


  • Fits 6 lug 2wd model trucks only
  • When increasing tire size from stock, it is recommended a zero offset wheel (4.50-4.75″ backspacing) for added clearance. Stock wheels and tires fit correctly “as is”.
  • These are designed to replace the OEM stock parts, these will not work on drop-down bracket lift kits that replace the spindle/knuckle with a much taller version.
  • These also fit 2wd ’03-14 4-Runners and ’07-14 FJ’s with Camburg's uni-ball upper arms, not ball-joint arms.
  • With so many variables of wheel size, offset/backspacing, tire size, brands, and styles, the amount of lift and specific suspension components, etc., you may need to trim the plastic inner fenders and/or modify the body mount behind the front tires to eliminate tire rubbing.

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