Toyota 8", V6 & 80 Series, High Pinion, Nitro Carrier Bearing Kit

Toyota 8", V6 & 80 Series, High Pinion, Nitro Carrier Bearing Kit

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Toyota 80 Series & 8" V6 Nitro Carrier Bearing Kit


Toyota 80 Series & 8"


High Pinion Reverse

Ring Gear Bolts:

12 (not included)


Nitro Gear & Axle

Nitro Carrier Bearing Kits are available for individuals who are changing out a differential in a late model or lower mile vehicle (typically with a drop-out housing) so you can simply swap the ring gear, press on the new bearings and get back on the road faster. Vehicles with drop-out housings don't lose pinion preload when just changing the carrier so you won't need pinion bearings. Carrier bearings cannot be removed without damage except with special tools.

Nitro bearing kits contain Koyo bearings. "Koyo is a leading manufacturer and supplier to the automotive original equipment market. The bearings supplied to the original equipment market are also available for aftermarket repair requirements. Koyo bearings can be found in, and are available, for Fits such as Wheel, Clutch, Belt Tensioners, and Transmissions, as well as other common automotive repair Fits. Bearings are available for most domestic and import Fits. 

Features & Benefits:


Carrier bearings x2

Carrier Races x2

Carrier Shim Kit

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