$ 179.99


Basic Day Tank with no accessories and no mounting option. Includes:

  • Day Tank
  • Standard Cap
  • 8' Hose
  • High-pressure Spray Nozzle
  • Fill valve.
Everything to get you started! For details on mounting options and accessories, please see the FEATURES tab below.
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Hitch Mount
Mount the Day Tank to your standard trailer hitch receiver. Includes Universal Mount.

Rail Mount
Mount the Day Tank to a Toyota bed rail system. Includes Universal Mount.

Bar Mount
Mount the Day Tank on a rack or bar setup. Up to 1.5" diameter. Includes Universal Mount.


Pump Cap
This is the #1 add on. Re-pressurize when you are on the road!

Drop Down Plate
Drop the tank below a space tire or tonneau cover.

Nozzle Holder
For hand-free operation of the Day Tank.


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