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Custom molded door handle covers to eliminate that ugly chrome! These covers are designed to snap on and fit perfectly over the 2016-UP Tacoma interior handles. Injection-molded from automotive-grade ABS and available in different colors to spice up the monochromatic door panel. Or keep it simple with black for a stealth look.

If you have a 4 door truck you should purchase the 4 door kit, it will include 4 handle covers.

If you have a 2 door truck purchase the 2 door kit, it will include 2 handle covers.

INSTALLATION: NO NEED TO REMOVE THE DOOR PANEL! Simply pull open the handle, slip the front on, and put pressure on the back until it clicks into place.

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Ingram
It's a cover up

I bought these because the chrome handles are ugly. The other main reason is because I have a 2021 Tacoma Limited with the Nightshade package and the outside is blacked out. Not sure why they didn't do the interior the same way as it would make sense. This solution is easy and affordable. I was able to click them on in about 2 minutes and it makes a huge difference.

Ron H.
Door Handle Cover

Works great to cover the chrome door handles. Didn't think that they fit properly when I first installed them but after looking closer, I like the fit and feel. Cosmetic upgrade only but I like the look of the blackouts instead of the chrome.

Luis G.

Super easy install and way better looking than the chrome.


I'm very pleased with this product!!! Great service and shipping was very fast even with the holidays I still got them within a few days of ordering.


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