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Model: 2nd Generation Tacoma • Model Years: 2005-2015

Inspired by the world-renown adventure race, The Paris-Dakar Rally, we have developed the ultimate off-road bumper that is worthy to carry the name of such a race! Every aspect of this Dakar Rally Toyota Tacoma front bumper has been analyzed for strength, functionality, style, and design, and weight reduction! Every road is an adventure and this bumper will get you there! Thierry Sabine’s Motto (Founder of Paris-Dakar Rally), “A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.”


Light. The Dakar Rally design is inherently light, to begin with over a full plate bumper. We have taken it to the next level however by using the right combination of DOM tubing for strength and different thicknesses of the plate to achieve the optimal weight to strength ratio. Added cutouts in the plating allow for a much lighter bumper in the end.

Strong. The Dakar Rally design does not compromise when it comes to strength. Built completely of DOM tubing allows the structure of the bumper to be just as strong as a plate bumper. The design itself has been engineered to eliminate weak spots and gussets have been added in potential areas of impact. When necessarily integrated dimple died holes increase plate strength in critical areas. The end result is a very light and extremely strong bumper Functional. Function plays a very important role in an off-road bumper. The bumper must function correctly and allow the user to get the most out of the bumper and each situation. This Dakar Rally is no exception.

  • Beginning with the winch mount you will see that while the winch is protected well the front is open for winch access. This is an important feature of the bumper that allows the winch line to be visible while winching. It also allows the winch line to be dressed much easier once you are finished winching. The other benefit is the clutch lever is easily accessible along with other components of the winch.
    • Non-integrated solenoid winches will fit in this bumper. The Warn Zeon winch will fit only in 12-15 model year Tacomas.
  • Lighting is an important feature to an off-road bumper worthy of the Dakar name. The Dakar Rally front bumper allows for many different lighting options. The center of the bumper allows for Dually size LED lights to be mounted in the upper right and left corners with the supplied light bracket mount. Up to a 20” light bar can be mounted on top of the center section below the grill guard. And finally, the wings allow for mounting of round lights or up to a 7” light bar. All lighting options allow for aiming and positioning to achieve the optimal light pattern for the front of your vehicle
  • Recovery options are essential in the off-road landscape. The Dakar front bumper comes with integrated D-ring tabs that pull directly off of the frame mount. These D-ring tabs are fully gusseted and integrated to be strong and dependable. Another important feature is the ability to use a hi-lift jack on several portions of the bumper. The top center section is flat for hi-lift mounting and the opening above the side wing light mounts will allow for a hi-lift mount option as well.

Design. The Dakar Rally front bumper was designed to not only meet all the functional needs of an off-road bumper but meet the aesthetic needs as well. This bumper was designed to flow well with the front of the Toyota Tacoma and keep a subtle, but aggressive stance and look. As part of the design, the wheel wells provide much more clearance for oversized tires during flex and articulation as well as a greatly increased approach angle over the stock angle.


1 3⁄4” X .120 DOM tubing, (sheeting: 1⁄4”, 3/16”, 1/8”)

Dakar Rally: 90 lbs
Dakar Rally CGP: 105 lbs
Dakar Rally FGP: 115 lbs

Light mounts:
(1) – 20” light bar
(2) – Dually LEDs
(2) – 7” light bars or up to 4.5” round

D-ring tabs: Yes

Fitment for oversized tires: Yes

Increased approach angle: Yes

Hi-lift foot mounting options: Yes

Front license plate mount: Yes

Winch Fitment: Non-integrated solenoid winches. 12-14 model year trucks will fit Warn Zeon winches (Must remove crossbar below grill)


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