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The new Camburg X-Joint as extreme performance, all-weather, all conditions, high angle ball-joint for the Camburg performance BJ upper control arms. These are much higher quality, considerably stronger, and have an improved boot design that allows for higher angle use, better greasing, and increased longevity. With higher strength heat-treated materials and an improved design, Camburg was able to vastly improve upon what was available on the market. These are fully sealed and perfect for extreme conditions, so dirt, sand, rain, mud, and snow are no match for them. The dual lip seal design on the boot ensures the outside elements don’t make their way in and contaminate the grease and joint.

The grease zerk fitting allows you to grease them on the truck without having to remove the boot. The Camburg X-Joint is designed specifically for the ball-joint upper arms for optimum fit and maximum wheel travel.

These arms give many of the same benefits of the uni-ball upper arms offer at a lower cost. The ball-joint arms also hold up better under wet harsh conditions compared to a uniball since it’s a sealed & greased joint. By building an upper arm to re-angle the ball joint, you’re able to gain more wheel travel with extended length coilovers from Bilstein, FOX, King, and Icon and keep the joint in its normal operating range. These arms also correct the suspension geometry by increasing much-needed caster compared to stock arms which improve handling and allows for a wider range of alignment adjustment. The tubular construction also gives you more tire & shock clearance compared to the weaker stock stamped sheet metal arm.

  • CNC bent tubes MIG welded
  • Thicker .156″ wall round tubing
  • Polyurethane frame pivot bushings with grease-able zerk fittings
  • Camburg X-Joints pre-installed
  • Billet aluminum covers
  • Matte black powder-coating
  • All necessary hardware included and ready to install
  • Made in the USA in-house
  • Designed for 1-3″ of lift

What's Included

  • Upper Arms
  • Hardware Kit
  • Billet X-Joint Covers


  • It Fits 6 lug model trucks only.
  • With so many variables of wheel size, offset/backspacing, tire size, brands, and styles, the amount of lift and specific suspension components, etc., you may need to trim the plastic inner fenders and/or modify the body mount behind the front tires to eliminate tire rubbing.

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Princko
Tcmbst rocks

I replaced my spc upper arms with these Camburg X joints and love them. Thanks For the prompt service Tacoma Beast


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