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Model: 2nd Generation Tacoma • Model Years: 2005-2015

With CBI bolt-on Toyota Tacoma rock sliders take advantage of easy installation that anyone can do, and also get the strength you need to lift your vehicle with a jack. Also, your sliders will take the abuse of gnarly off-road trails rather than the rocker panels of your truck!

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CBI Off-road rock sliders are built for the true OFF-ROAD enthusiast! Each slider is a construction by one of our skilled fabricators out of Hot Rolled Electric Weld tubing (H.R.E.W. 1.75" x .120 wall), with ¼” thick mounting brackets. The included grade 8 mounting hardware makes these sliders rock solid and durable to handle whatever punishment you can dish out. CBI offers sliders with the most evenly spaced standoffs to the frame that give them the best performance and strength compared to other manufacturers. (No long unsupported length near the back end) The rock sliders can also be used as a lifting point for a hi-lift jack and will support the full weight of the vehicle. Each slider can be ordered in a variety of configurations to meet your needs or we can custom build the perfect set for your application. The bolt-on application makes installation easy and doable for all.


DOM  (Drawn Over Mandrel) Tubing Option:

DOM is actually not a type of tubing, but a process that is applied to tubing after it is initially constructed. It is Drawn Over a Mandrel...which "cold works" it, giving it more exact dimensions relative to the inside and outside diameters, a smoother finish, and better alignment of the crystal lattice structure. Although it is almost always referred to as a SEAMLESS tube, technically it is NOT seamless tubing, and it started life as some sort of EW (electric welded) tubing. During the manufacturing process, the weld line becomes nearly undetectable, thus it is referred to as SEAMLESS. DOM round steel tube is ideal for more stressful applications requiring higher quality, increased mechanical properties, uniformity, strength, and soundness. Thus in the off-road industry, DOM tubing is used in many applications from links, to roll cages, to rock sliders.

CBI Offroad recommends the DOM tubing upgrade for rock sliders for those individuals that plan on abusing their rock sliders. If hard hits and continued abuse are in your future then DOM is worth the money. If your sliders are going to be used for minimal wear, contact, and abrasion then the standard HREW will work just fine and will provide a lifetime of use. In simple terms, rock crawlers should consider DOM tubing and expedition travelers should consider HREW tubing.

"Kickout" Option:

The "kickout" option for rock sliders in many cases is a very functional and usable feature along with adding to the overall look of the vehicle. The kickout is located at the rear of the slider near the rear wheel and tire. The purpose of the kickout it to help kick or push your vehicle out and away from obstacles like trees and rocks as you navigate around them. As the vehicle is pushed away from the obstacle you will create room for the tire to pass and eliminate or minimize the possibility of damage to your tire, wheel, or fender area. The kickout portion of the rock sliders sticks out 17' from the vertical side of the frame going out and away from the vehicle.

The "kickout" design can also be useful as a stepping area to access roof racks, bed racks, or other parts of the vehicle. Tacoma owners especially like the kickout to access items in the truck bed area. Toyota 4runner owners or Jeep owners may feel that the kickout design is a hindrance to the rear passengers and they enter and exit the vehicle... this should be considered for each person and your specific application and desired look.

Powder Coat Option:

While rock sliders can be sent out in bare steel for the customer to finish, many prefer the professional and finished look of powder coating. We offer a standard powder coat color of satin black with a smooth finish for our rock sliders and off-road bumpers. The powder coat finish is strong and prepared professionally to provide years of good use. The product is first sandblasted and then coated.

It is important to remember that while powder coating is a strong and durable finish it reacts in much the same way as your vehicle body paint. It will get rock chips in areas that are prone to debris coming off of the tires and it will scratch also. Powder coating can be touched up with a satin black spray paint if necessary.


  • 1.75” x .120” H.R.E.W. Tubing
  • ¼” Mounting Brackets
  • "U" channel style mounting bracket
  • 4 Evenly Spaced Legs
  • Fully MIG Welded
  • Bare metal or powder coated finish
  • Weight 90 pounds (95 lbs with kickout)
  • Mounting hardware included (Grade 8)
  • Standard slider sticks out 14" from vertical face of the frame to outside rail
  • Kickout area sticks out 17" from vertical face of the frame to outside rail
  • Customizable!

2nd generation Toyota Tacoma rock sliders fit model years 2005 to 2012. Fitment is for extended/access cab and double cab models.


2nd Generation Toyota Tacoma rock sliders require some drilling to install. Aftermarket accessories like skid plates or custom suspension components could affect the fitment of your rock sliders and therefore affect the way in which they are installed. Although this is rare, sagging body mounts may require you to alter the cab floor to clearance the top of the mounting bracket. Rock Sliders can be installed without professional help.

Estimated Installation Time: 2 hours

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Bradley W.
CBI Sliders- 2nd Gen Tacoma

This fits and looks great on my 2013 Tacoma. They allow a step for my wife while not sticking out to catch my legs when I'm getting in and out. Definitely recommend!


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