Our G3D Series bars utilize 3D Reflectors, which projects the light out approximately 3x compared to a standard reflector.

These bars also have military grade breathers to help compensate pressure inside of the bar and keep moisture out.

  • Our 6" G3D LED Light Bar puts out 2880 Lumens
  • All of our G3D Series LED Bars utilize 3w Osram LED Chips combined with a 3D Projector
  • Our 6" G3D is 36 Watts, resulting in 3 Amps @ 12 Volts
  • All of our light bars feature a polycarbonate lens, which is an unshatterable, unbreakable material.
  • Complete IP67 Waterproof

All of our products are covered under our Lifetime Warranty

Comes with: Mounting brackets and Lifetime Warranty. Wiring Harness sold separately

All G3D Bars come in a combo beam pattern (flood on the outside, spot in the middle)

$ 47.99 - $ 67.99
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