400W In Motion Harness

400W In Motion Harness

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Toyota Tacoma 400W In Motion Harness

How does it work?

Got a fridge in the back? Tired of your factory inverter kicking down to 100W when you put the truck in drive and it shuts off your fridge? No one likes warm beer. This plug-and-play harness is designed to keep the factory inverter at 400W while the truck is in motion without any splicing! Simply plug the harness into the factory inverter located under the center console and attach the ground terminal to a nearby bolt. 

What's included?  

Included in each kit (no extra cost) is an optional extension so that you can add another 3-prong outlet in the cab where it is more useful! If you would like to add this option you will need to order Toyota p/n 85530-35050-C0 from your local dealer (not included), cut a small rectangle wherever you want to place the outlet, and plug the extension connector into the back of it. Now you can utilize the factory inverter from the comfort of your cab!

Please note that this harness DOES NOT allow the inverter to be accessible while the truck is off -- the truck will still need to be on to power the inverter and prevent battery draw.