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Compatible only with H Key

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Take your outdated STICK OUT key, and turn it into a FLIP OUT! Reducing the overall size and eliminating that annoying poke in your pocket. Injection-molded with the fit and finish of OEM. Will come with a BLANK KEY that you will need to get cut. Then, just transfer your original key fob internals over.

Customer Reviews

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Tarl Cabot
Love this keyFOB

super easy install, removing the "chip" i just hack sawed around then used my finger nail/plastic spud (used to split laptops apart, etc.) to safely pry chip from glued in original "poke me" key, bailed on using original key "mod" and got my dealer to cut new key, just needed my VIN, cost me $20...absolutely love this! seriously considering doing my backup key/fob as well. outstanding service, fast shipping and easy to find installs :)

Stylish Key Fob

Very good looking product. Easy to assemble. I had a little trouble with the transmitter due to being glued to the factory key. Dealership wanted me to wait 3 hours plus $150 for service and between $80-$100 for a new transmitter. Instead I called a local locksmith and he was able to cut the key and give me a new transmitter plus service for $100. Not the most ideal situation but I was not going to let this item go to waist. The new fob is working perfectly and I have an extra spare key if it’s ever lost. If your transmitter isn’t glued, the install is simple and will work by transferring everything over with no problem.

Edgar H.
Looks great !!

Works awesome. Little tweaks made on the buttons but other then that no complains.

Roland Plott
FlipFOB! What a great product

Be careful removing the transponder from the old key...it'll cost you almost $300 for a new key and programming from the dealer. Also, don't use Home Depot or Lowes to cut your key...I made that mistake and luckily I could purchase additional blanks for this guy.
Well worth the $70!


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