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103 degrees at 2 pm on an August afternoon is hot as hell in anybody's book. Lucky for you, Husky Liners all-new Precision Fit Sun Shades fit your windshield like a glove, while helping to reduce the heat in your cab. You guessed it, it also protects your interior from damaging UV rays. Plus, our nerds engineered it to fold up in a jiffy when it's time to put it away. Yup, it really is that cool.

Fits Like a Glove 

The Husky SunShade is precision to fit perfectly match the contours of your Toyota Tacoma. Reducing heat and blocking more of the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Engage The UV Force Filed 

When installing your husky shade the thought may enter your mind that you’re engaging a force field on your truck to block UV rays from damaging your cab. To that, we say, nice job captain. 

Built to Last

Built to last for years and years, the Husky sunshade has a triple laminate construction that can withstand daily use and abuse. 

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