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The third wheel in the 600 Series is the MR610 Con6. Just like its predecessor the MR310, the MR610 takes the concave look and turns it to 11.

Virtually no lip on a 20x10 with -24mm offset (4.55” BS) and a 20x12 with -52mm (4.5” BS) means you’re getting a super deep concave that will make quite a visual statement once mounted on lifted vehicles.

A bolt-on aluminum center cap with a snap-in cap will come with 5 & 6 lug applications while a separate bolt-on piece will cover 8 lugs.

Branding on the MR610 is kept to a minimum with a clean Method debossed logo in one of the six spokes.

Making your way out, the MR610 features the new v.2 Street-Loc lip with removable stainless steel bolts all around.

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