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Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller that removes response delays on any vehicle with an electronic gas pedal (most vehicles made after 2005). This is achieved by amplifying the signal being sent from the sensor on your gas pedal to the vehicle's ECU (computer). Today’s newer vehicles lack the responsiveness that came with older throttle cables. It doesn’t matter how fast you push your gas pedal to the floor, you don’t have access to all the power your vehicle has to offer. They are your solution!
The Pedal Commander app is free and already available on Apple (iOS 10 or later) and Android (Android 5.1 or later) devices.

What you need to know

  • The first time you connect, the app will ask you to input the 6-digit serial number on the back of your Pedal Commander. After that, as long as the Bluetooth on your phone is turned “on,” it will automatically find your Pedal Commander and start in the last mode you left it in. 
  • You can now change all modes and sensitivity levels from the app.
  • You can keep the Pedal Commander mounted in a hidden/unseen location and operate it completely from the app.
  • If you have multiple Pedal Commander Bluetooth devices on multiple vehicles, you can store them all in the app and name each one.
  • The app is also able to be translated into 4 languages, and we’re currently working on adding more.
  • You can change the background image for the app: choose between black mesh, carbon fiber, or black.
  • You can activate/deactivate whether you still want the manual buttons on the Pedal Commander unit to work (This means there is an optional “lock out” mode to help prevent theft. If you deactivate the manual controls and then use the app to turn the Pedal Commander off, the gas pedal will remain unresponsive until you turn the Pedal Commander back on within the app, or the Pedal Commander unit is unplugged from the gas pedal).
  • You can change the brightness of the LED lights on the Pedal Commander.
  • You can view installation videos from the app.

Easy plug & play installation, NO mechanical experience required!

Pedal Commander can be installed in 10 minutes or less. It is a complete plug-&-play system that connects above your gas pedal and stays inside your car, you don’t even need to pop your hood. If you can plug in a lamp, you can install Pedal Commander.

We have tons of example install videos on YouTube to help you get a general idea of just how easy it is to set up!

  • ELIMINATE RESPONSE DELAYS in your vehicle's acceleration
  • BLUETOOTH - Units have the capability to connect to your phone and control the unit remotely. Easy plug-&-play installation that DOES NOT void your warranty
  • 6 adjustable modes: Eco, City, Sport, Sport+ (ECO mode can also be used for better traction in snow and off-road)
  • Improve FUEL ECONOMY up to 20% in your Tacoma with ECO mode

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Brendan Dempsey
2013 taco pedal commander

Very satisfied with the response, found the setting I like for everyday driving and haven’t touched it since. Easy to install

Steven Laolagi
Great Mod!

I’m really satisfied with the product, it definitely improves the throttle response on my Tacoma !!

Israel Acevedo
Pedal Commander

super easy install and immediately noticed a difference in the throttle response in city mode. sport and sport+ is very noticeable

🛻💨 Mini vans no longer stand a chance!

Great purchase, easy install.
Customizable settings for every lead foot.

Bye Karen 👋🏼

Jackson B.
Pedal commander

The pedal commander and air filter work great very happy I purchased. When I got it though the box was all torn the the pedal commander and all its specific packaging were all in pieces and everything looked as though it had just been thrown in the box and sent off but could’ve just happened during shipping either way everything worked great so I’m happy


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